Coffee and Cigarettes.

You’d think you would be used to me not posting.. well, to be honest you probably are.

Things have been a little off around IJAR land lately. Family issues have had me occupied on other things. Then other non family things get in the way and when you look at it in the grand scheme of things.. nothing gets done and you’re left with a bloody great hole in your archive. But you know, I have realised that no matter how many times I say “I will post more often” it will never happen. I am just not constant enough. I have good intentions but I just don’t follow up on my promises.

I realise that I will never gain a massive audience around here and I am finally OK with that. I’ll just keep plodding away as and when I can actually get down and write.

In the past few weeks as I mentioned above things are a bit up in the air. I threw a bit of a strop on Facebook when they started implementing their latest round of changes. I posted that I was sick and tired of all the changes and that I just didn’t have the will or the time to learn a new way of operating a webpage each time they arbitrarily decided to make substantial changes. So I posted my intention to quit the site. With Linda being in America I had to stay around to keep in touch with her for the rest of her trip. Once she was back.. I closed my account. I am going through a kind of withdrawal from it. I miss the updates from the Celebs and Websites I was following. Other than that, I don’t miss a damn thing about it. The people I really care about can find me in other ways. The friends I have made in the Madosphere  are on Twitter also so I don’t miss much going on there.

In closing my account it also means that the It’s Just A Ride “fan” page has gone also. It wasn’t a great success so it’s not a great loss. Things change and we move on. It happens every day in the world around us. No big deal really.

In other news, I had to have a Gastroscopy yesterday. I can honestly say it was the UGLIEST thing I have ever had to go through. I won’t go into details about it, but if you have ever had to have this procedure I am sure you know how nasty it can be. I swear I will never have it done again. I am not usually shy about having medical procedures done and if I really need medical help then I will take it. My journey through the Mental Health services have taught me that needs must where needs be, but yesterday was a step to far.

I had a hard time sleeping last night. I had racing thoughts. I haven’t had them to that extent for quite some time, but last night was a bitch. I had all these great ideas to fill my time with creative stuff and today they are all gone. I am back to a state of MEH. I really should keep a note pad by the side of my bed to make a note of these midnight ramblings. I know that one of the ideas was to start writing very short flash stories. I had visions of Aliens anally probing hill billy’s in the back woods of America. Well it seemed like a good idea at the time. I’ll give that one some thought and see what happens.

Anyway, that’s it from me for now.

Until Next Time…

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