I Just Can’t.

For the past week or so I have been having problems with my sleep. Each night it’s getting worse. It started off by my not being tired until the early hours of the morning. It moved on to not being able to sleep until the time normal people get up, which leads to today where I have had 1 hours sleep in the past 24 and I am still not remotely tired.

I am sluggish. It’s taking a great deal of concentration to hit the right keys on the keyboard. I have spent the majority of last night playing with photo’s I have taken. I downloaded Paint.net last night as I was having some serious problems getting my head around GIMP. I had been using Photoshop for the longest time, but for some reason the programme got corrupted and I couldn’t get it to reinstall correctly. I decided that I had the time and the will to learn a new programme, and I had seen some really nice photo’s edited with GIMP on various blogs and websites so I thought I would give it a go. I had been playing with it for about three weeks and it just wasn’t clicking with me.

Anyway so I did a quick search for other freeware Image Editors and came across Paint.NET. I have to say that it is so much more intuitive to use and reminds me so much of using PaintShop Pro from back when I first started messing with graphics. I still have a hell of a lot to learn but in my first 4 or 5 hours of playing with it I have come up with a couple of nice things that I could never have managed with GIMP or for that matter Photoshop.


OK, so this post was started a few days ago when I hadn’t slept for over 40 hours. I was forced to abandon writing and life for a couple of days and I slept pretty well so I am not going to even try and finish writing this post but wanted to post it just for shits and giggles.

Happy Halloween y’all.

Until Next Time…


  1. It’s possible you’re edging into (hypo)mania. Are you interested in trying to improve your sleep, or are you just enjoying the extra productivity?

    • Hi, Thanks for commenting.

      I really wish it was a hypo-manic spiral I was heading into. I have been in a depressive state for about 7/8 weeks now and have had two increases in my Anti-Depressant medication without much success. The creativity is coming from an obsessive trait I have of grabbing onto something and not letting go until I get it right. My sleep is just generally messed up as is usually the case when I get depressed. If you have any tips you could pass on I am always willing to give anything a try to try and get myself back to an even keel.

        • Thank you for the link. Those mats look like torture devices to me lol. I shall do a little looking into Melatonin. I have heard it mentioned before but not really paid much attention. Thanks for coming back and letting me know.

          All The Best

          • Hey Paul.. I am butting in here but I have a friend that uses the Melatonin as it is helpful for sleep.. Check into it might help… I hope it does!! Now go get some rest… LOL sorry my humor!!

          • The mat is torturous, but it WORKS. It works better than Ambien. I hate every minute I lie on it, but then I get off and sleep until the alarm rings.

  2. Hi Paul… Sorry to hear you haven’t been sleeping well. I have to say I haven’t slept well in weeks but not as bad as you have been. Im exhausted and cant seem to actually rest even tho im going to sleep. One of my symptoms I guess… I am much more productive but im so sluggish. I am totally going to try that Paint.net I have nothing really to use for photos so I hope I can learn it as well.. Anyway, finished or not I like your post.. and the pics.. Take care

    • Hi Shauna,

      I had been trying so hard to get myself back on to an even playing field sleep wise, but it just isn’t happening for me at the moment. I seem to be in a Crash and Burn loop. I am just in a permanent sluggish funk. I am sure that the lack of sleep is contributing to my ongoing depression.

      Definitely try out Paint.net. They have a really great forum with loads of Tutorials and lots of helpful people there. The more I use it the more it feels like the days when I was using PaintShop Pro (early versions when the programme was developed by JASC.) I don’t often rave about software, but PDN is great for a freebie that was only supposed to improve on Windows Paint.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • Well dont stop trying all we have is our determination to get through it.. Check into that melatonin I have heard it works… And yep the sleep will keep that depression going.. 🙁 I hope you can get better sleep soon.. Thinking about you.. good sleepy thoughts sent your way

  3. Hey Paul! Sorry about how you are feeling. I’m the same with my sleep but for different reasons. Just no schedule and I push myself if I have stuff that needs doing. It’s crazy. So, I do understand to an extent 🙁

    By the way, love your new look. AND on the subject of photo’s…I tried GIMP and Paint.NET. I got totally confused with it and couldn’t figure them out and ended up uninstalling them. Strange things were happening but my son uses Paint.NET and loves it. I don’t know why I couldn’t use one without the other. It was strange. Anyway, I am now using Picasa and it isn’t too bad.

    Hope you feel better soon 🙁

  4. Hi. I’m glad you finally got some sleep. You must have been exhausted. I love your pictures. One good thing about insomnia is that we tend to be highly productive when we can’t sleep. It’s not ideal, but I am trying to find the positive in it, as I have problems sleeping on a regular basis.