Last Night And Sore Feet

I have a few articles that need to be written up so expect a flurry of crap in your readers over the next few days.

Last night I went out for a night out with my brother and a good friend. Nik had been bought a ticket to see his favourite band Alter Bridge by his wife and two kids for Fathers day earlier this year. Time went by and it slowly dawned on Nik that he would look like a billy no mates going by himself so it was decided that I would go with him. Money was scrapped together and a ticket was bought.

Fast forward to last night and I attended the first gig in an arena in almost 20 years. And I’ll be damned if it didn’t make me realise that I getting older. We had standing tickets and despite losing almost 7 stones in just over 18 months my feet felt like I had walked 100 miles. Who made the damn floor so hard… Would rubber padding be to much to ask for?  The second thing that bought me to the getting older conclusion is that it was so fucking LOUD.

Back in the day, I used to wear Walkman headphones pretty much all the times I wasn’t being spoken to, cost a fortune in batteries but it kept me quiet. I attended two Skid Row concerts in 4 days and my ears didn’t ring as much as they did last night on the way home. Everything sounds a little full today but the ringing has stopped.

The bands we saw were great. It was a full on metal music onslaught. No compromise from any quarter. They gave it everything, and it was great to witness that. But looking back the next day, sitting around in my comfy sweat pants and thick thermal socks and my OH SO COMFY Crocs (yes I wear Crocs… Mostly for medical reasons) I realise that maybe my days of standing in a mosh pit are probably left to the memories I have from days gone by.

Here is a pic from last night.


Until Next Time…

Just a word of warning, this post may disappear or be drastically altered over the space of the next hour. I am using the iPhone app for the first time to see how it works, so keep your fingers crossed.

It appears the posting went well. Just need to investigate on how a gallery would be made up but other than that WordPress for iOs is pretty cool.

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