Wants And Needs

As in years past I have said that I don’t “do” resolutions at the start of the year, I think I see a flaw in that outlook.

NO Resolutions = Nothing Getting Done

So with that in mind I am going to “suggest” a few things I can look back on now and again that I would hope a more motivated me would like to have done by this time next year.

  • I say it every year, but this year I mean it. I am going to write more. On this blog, on the other three blogs I have. I am going to make a concerted effort to make 1 post per day somewhere across my “network”.  If I don’t have a particular blog post in mind then I was to start on some kind of fiction writing. I used to write a lot before I got married. I am not saying that getting Married killed my writing but moving across the world for two years and having a totally different style of life changed my ways of thinking. Time to alter that way of thinking again.
  • I would like to read more. Not trying to jinx myself but I would like to read 12 books this year (not including finishing Game Of Thrones, which seems to be taking an epic amount of time to finish.) I say 12 books, I hope it to be much more than that. I need exposure to different styles of writing and I only get that through reading.
  • I am planning on spending more time learning how to take care of my websites myself. I am FAR to reliant on my Brother to get me out of the shit whenever I cock something up. I would ideally like to be well on the way to designing and building my own blog theme by the start of the summer. That’s a steep learning curve and a hell of a lot of work but You need goals in life folks.
  • I have started a photography blog. It’s mainly based around my fascination with iPhoneography. I plan on uploading at least One photo a day taken with my iPhone. Having said that, I have and will include photo’s I take with other cameras too. I play around in PhotoShop so I really need a place to centralise everything Photography in my life. I will still add the odd photo here and on phurwood.co.uk.
  • I am going to make an effort to become more active in all of my Social Networking situations. It’s not good enough that I post links to the posts I make on my blog on Twitter and FaceBook, I need to interact with the people I want to come here and read what I have written. It’s a small thing but I need to improve on that.
  • I am going to start taking better care of myself. I NEED to start taking my Diabetes medications as prescribed. At the moment I am taking the pills like clockwork but the Byetta injections not so much. I am supposed to take one in the morning and one before my evening meal. I don’t remember the last time I had a morning dose. Doing this would necessitate my eating in the mornings also which is something I haven’t been doing for a while either. In fact I am down to one meal a day and the odd snack during the day. Totally NOT a healthy way to survive with Diabetes.
  • As I mentioned on my other wordy blog phurwood.co.uk I have a manifesto for the next year. In that manifesto I state that I want to become more involved. I have spent the past 2/3 years worrying about the ESA (Employment Support Allowance) changes affecting me. I have in effect wasted all of that time where I could have pro actively helped try and bring about change. In hindsight it looks pretty pointless as the Government have just gone ahead and done exactly what they wanted anyway. BUT the fight goes on. As they say it aint over till the fat lady sings. I don’t know what I can do or how I am going to do it, but I do know I have to do something even if it’s just for my own peace of mind to know that I wasn’t walked all over.

I could probably go on for pages and pages coming up with things that I want to do. But the above is a good start. I guess it all boils down to my being more structured with my time. I am spending so much time aimlessly doing nothing that it’s become a parody of itself. I want more for myself and I am the only one who can achieve this.

So to all who read my blog, thanks for sticking with me and I hope you have a healthy and prosperous 2012. Let’s see what trouble we can get ourselves into this year.

Until Next Time…

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