7 Things

As I mentioned in the post I did in the early hours of the morning part of the Versatile Bloggers award requirements are to share 7 things about yourself.  So here is my little list.

  1. I used to be a Theatre bod. Theatre was my life. I ate, slept breathed Theatre. from the very first time I was involved in creating a show I was hooked. I started at school doing school productions back stage moving scenery and playing with Smoke Machines (I loved playing with those things.. I once left it running a little to long and the audience couldn’t see the person next to them let alone the stage for the next 10 minutes.) After high school I went to College to take A Level Theatre Studies (I failed.) But during college I Started Acting and another bug was born. After that I spent my time split between on-stage and off. I made lots of life long friends through the theatre and I occasionally get pangs of missing the spot lights and greasepaint but it really is no life for a Married person (well not in my mind anyway.) You can read The Limelight Tales by clicking on the Stories link up at the top of the page.
  2. When I was a child I preferred eating Salads to McDonalds food. I have pretty much always been a big person, but I could eat salad until it came out of my ears. There was a little cafe in the town where I grew up that served a range of Organic salads and dressings.. I amazed the owners of the cafe by eating more than one adult helping of salad when ever we went in there.. I got free food all the time. That cafe is now a snooty bistro that you need a weeks wages to eat in… such a shame.
  3. As a teen I was a Heavy Metal freak. I would never listen to anything but Heavy Metal or Hard Rock. It wasn’t until I got connected to the internet and expanded my musical horizons that I opened up to more styles of music. (I should add that I was raised up until the age of 13 on Elvis and The Beatles.. I just got a little myopic for a while there.)
  4. The first movie I saw on VHS was Pete’s Dragon. We were one of the first houses our street with a video recorder. The machine was delivered on the day I came out of hospital after having an operation on my eye to remove a astigmatism. My Mum invited about 10 kids from the street to come to a welcome home party for me and we all sat down and watched Pete’s Dragon like we were at the movies. It’s one of my fondest memories.
  5. It took me three attempts to gain a higher grade in English GCSE. I put this down to my inability to translate what goes on in my head to what comes out of my hand when holding a pen. (Readers of this blogs could have other suggestions as to why.)
  6. I collect historical (or soon to be historical) Live recordings of Bands I like. I currently have somewhere in the region of 420 gigabytes of shows. I find new ones every day. I also collect Radio programmes dating back from 1930 America to which ever Afternoon Play was broadcast this afternoon on BBC Radio 4. I am an Audio Hoarder. If I wanted to listen to everything I had collected (music/radio) I would have to live to be somewhere in the region of 650 years old.. I just find it reassuring that I have them there if the mood ever takes me.
  7. As of the end of this post the will be 87,366 words on this blog.

I didn’t honestly think it would be that hard to think of 7 things to tell you, but that was pretty tricky.

Until Next Time…


  1. Sounds like you’ve had an interesting life. I also fell in love with the theatre in high school. I never ventured out in college…. too much of a chicken. Plus the bug had left me by then. But I wanted to be an actor. The problem? I couldn’t act. Big problem I suppose!

    Great post. Your story about a VCR sounds fun. Isn’t it interesting the way such small things make such big imapcts in our lives?