I Will Not Be Silenced

Earlier today I was made aware of a blogger who is trying to make a statement against Bullying.

Beth is a young lady who has had a pretty hard time of it. On her about page she makes it quite clear that she isn’t looking for pity, she wants to raise awareness of what happens when you are bullied. It’s a story that I recognise. Being a larger kid back in the 80’s I was bullied regularly. I had my own nickname that followed me right up past 22. Even after I broke all ties with my home town I was still in some respects reminded of that nickname.

In this day and age of Facebook I ran the risk of opening myself up to renewed reminders, fortunately it seems that my previous tormentors had grown up… Or they had more sense than to repeat what they used to call me back in school.

Over time I have learned to accept that there was very little I could do back then. I am much stronger than I was back them.. I guess they made me stronger, it just took a while to realise.

Back to Beth’s campaign. Beth would like to collect as many images as she can with the very easy to remember phrase. I WILL NOT BE SILENCED. Beth ha suggested write the phrase on your hand or a piece of paper and take a picture. Here is my effort.


Once you have your image send it to @Hidden_Beth or email it too missbeth94 (at) hotmail.com.

If you have a spare minute or two please help out. Even if it’s just a retweet or a quick update linking to Beth’s blog on Facebook (here is the link to her blog – http://underneathmymask.wordpress.com/)

Thanks for reading.

Until Next Time…

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