A Quick Update

Things have been quieter around here than normal this month. About two and a half weeks ago I started to notice an unusual spike in bandwidth being used from this blogs account. Sure enough the next day I got an automated email from my host stating that I was close to running out of bandwidth.

Luckily my host is my brother who is also my go to person with anything related to the websites design or technical doodats. We have spent the past couple of weeks trying to tie down the problem and get it fixed. It has all come down to a plugin I had been using to feed images from my posts on here to RSS readers.

I have no disabled it and my brother is working with the developer to try and get the plugin fixed. I am hoping it does get fixed as I think it’s a plugin with great potential and it really helps out on my photo blog Spnak. I think if someone is reading in an RSS reader (like Google Reader) then a small thumbnail in the extract of the post is a great incentive to come over and take a look at the whole thing.

OK enough about the blog itself.. I have been referred to a Creative Arts group at my CMHT. That starts next Tuesday at the ungodly hour of 10am. I have enough trouble putting the kettle on at 10am let alone being creative, but it’s something I have wanted to do for a few years and to finally have an opportunity to do it I am not going to pass it over. I shall fill you in on more of the details in my next post (which probably won’t be until April.. but hey)

Until Next Time…