It’s A New Day

Well as I mentioned back in January, I wanted to go about creating my own design for one of my blogs this year and I hoped that it would be well under way by the start of the Summer. As you can probably tell, my hopes have kind of paid off. The only downside is that it’s bloody cold outside and it’s been raining on and off all day.. Hey I guess that could pass as a British Summer.

About 2 weeks ago I started exploring the best way for me to refresh the blog and try to finally put my own stamp on it. In the past I have been pretty much wholly reliant on others creative and technical skill and ability to present my vision of my blogs. For the most part that has been great and I have been happy. My first custom theme for this blog was created by my Brother, I gave him a very basic outline of what I would like and he went away and came up with the goods. That theme was the main theme here for about 18 months.

When I came back to the idea of creating my own design, I had to be realistic. I had, in January, planned on creating the design from the ground up and beating myself to death trying to learn something so quickly. So I looked for other options, I even went as far as looking at alternative software to run the site on other than WordPress (not something I would EVER consider again.. there be some stupidly BAD programmes out there that claim they can do everything WP can but in reality, they can’t even hold a candle in the same section of the Internet). I couldn’t find my usual “easy option”, so I went back to WordPress and looked again at what it takes to build a theme. To cut a long story slightly shorter I decided to find a good theme that I could mangle and adapt to what I wanted.

My hunt began I must have downloaded 40/50 themes and gone through them trying to find a theme that was easy to customise and have everything I wanted. After the 50th download, I realised I would have to widen my options and take a steeper learning curve. That’s when I found this theme – SimpleX. It looked nothing like I wanted my end site to look like, but I took a look into the workings of the site (the parts that I knew I would be working on) and from there, well, I don’t remember actually setting out to start work on the design.. I just flowed into the process.

It took roughly 8 days for me to get the nitty-gritty nuts and bolts done on my local test site. I had a pretty impressive 215 line style sheet that I had put together myself with no help that I couldn’t find through Google and the WordPress forums.

It’s at this point where I wonder if my Brother feels left out now that I am gaining courage in his domain.

¬†After 8 days of trial and error and coming up with something that I felt resembled as a look at what I originally set out to achieve I had just one or two little elements on the design that I just couldn’t crack on my own. I had set out to do this on my own and to get as far as I could before I would ask for help. I realised I had come to that point and I asked my Brother for that help. What had vexed me for hours was solved in a mater of 30 minutes with his help. The good thing is, I had sensible ideas of what should have happened by including the code that wouldn’t work for me.. I just didn’t know the technical terms for why and how it wasn’t working. But Nik had the answers and he put into play some of the ideas I had and tweaked a few bits with his own speed and gift.

So now, It’s time. I unleash the newest version of It’s Just A Ride.

Thanks for reading and visiting.

Until Next Time…

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