Ideas Springing

It’s not often that I get too many ideas for creative endeavours but I seem to be on somewhat of a roll. These ideas whilst exciting to me right now, I just hope that I can maintain this possible momentum.

In my last post I made mention that I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to get out of the Creative Arts group. I think maybe it was designed to help spur the user into exploring a different avenue that they hadn’t been using before. In my case (I can’t speak for the others on the course) reignite that spark that had been extinguished.

I doubt that it will be as straight forward as it seems right now. At the moment I envisage me sat at the computer rattling off idea after idea and it being received like a brand new Harry Potter novel. I know I have issues to overcome before I can really take full benefit from this latest spurt of creativity.

One thing is for sure though… I am really enjoying the idea of having ideas again, having something to develop and offer back to something.

As they say… WATCH THIS SPACE.

Until Next Time…

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