Brain Dump

I mentioned sometime last year that I was starting a new group at the CMHT. The name of the group is STEPPS. It’s not MY group I am just a participant in the group. As you can tell from the link the group is aimed at BPD patients or in “my case” Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (eye-roll). Anyway, whatever the reason I am there I have decided to make the most of the chance I have and try and get some new tools to get me through the minefield that is my life at times.

The group meets every Monday morning at 10am. I shan’t go through the ins and outs of what we do for the most part as at this point in time I have trouble working it out with three facilitators in the room explaining it as we go along. Maybe by week 20 I’ll have a clue.

One of the repeating things we do is some form of relaxation for 5 or 10 minutes each session. Today’s relaxation came in the form of Brain Dumping. In short we get given a pen and a piece of paper and told to just spill whatever is going on in your head onto the paper. I did this back in college when I was working out my Performance Piece for my A Level Theatre studies exam. It didn’t quite have the same end result back then as it did today, but then again I am no longer a raging 21 year old who was quite possibly manic for 3 years straight.

The process was really cathartic and I think I wrote more by hand today than I have in over a decade. When I do it again, I will do it on a computer, and hope that my fingers can keep up with my head.

I have spent this afternoon trying to work out if I should share what I wrote today and In the end I realised that I should. I have no rationale behind my choice other than it’s there for others to see and maybe they too can get ideas of how to just release the stress that build up in unwell heads. It’s by no means a cure all and I wouldn’t advise everyone posting their own Brain Dumps, but maybe you could adapt it to something that will aid your writing or even to take to a CPN meeting. Stroll up with a months worth of Brain Dumps and have your CPN go through them “Analyse That“.

So here (below) is my Brain Dump for this morning.

Until Next Time…

Brain Dump Exercise

Excuse the scrawl. Some of it won’t mean anything to anyone but me.. but now you know the mess I was in at 25 past 11 this morning. Click to see full size.. It’ll be easier(ish) to read.

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