A Perfect Representation

It’s not very often, in fact it’s damn near impossible to come anywhere close to representing someone else’s words in a different media and still keep the meaning, feeling and emotion resonance of the original statement, but Gavin Aung has done that with Bill Hick’s It’s Just A Ride speech over on his website Zen Pencils .

I had to repost it over here. I read it through the first time and I was just taken aback totally by how well he had channelled the meaning of the bit. I think you can understand how much this speech means to me as it’s not only the name of this blog but I also have It’s Just A Ride tattooed on my arm (FOR LIFE).


Hick Cartoon Excerpt

An except from the cartoon. Click the image to go to Zen Pencils to see the full cartoon

Many Thanks To Zen Pencils for renewing my inspiration.

Until Next Time…


  1. It’s weird. I started my day on YouTube, watching Bill Hicks give this speech. Then via Google I found Zen Pencils and fell in love with this cartoon and now, at the end of my day, here I found you summing up everything that I believe. Thank you for that and for a great blog! Good night!

    • Thank you Charlotta. The It’s Just A Ride speech means so much too me. I first heard it the night it was broadcast on Channel 4. Hearing it that night was a turning point for me.. I’d say life changing, but that just sounds too grandiose but it was definitely a significant moment that I couldn’t forget if I tried.