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Man with mental health problems does bugger all wrong


In what will shock the wider reading audience, it was revealed today that there was a man with mental health issues who did not kill or hurt any one today.

It appears that this is not an isolated case as it is strongly rumoured that one in four people in the U.K. has some kind of mental health problem or will have in their life time.

Could it be that the press has an agenda that is being spurred on by some kind of right wing policy that is designed to sway the public against the vocal minority who caused a massive scene recently over the ASDA Halloween costume fiasco? Could it be that there is some kind of pressure being placed on the media to demonise the mentally interesting so as to discredit the anti-stigma process?

It’s one thing for The Sun or The Daily Mail to unleash their bile on a section of society that has little chance to defend themselves and has no trouble in promoting negative stereotypes, but when the story is on the BBC News website I find it almost amazing and am left in disbelief that this can happen. Where are the ethical editorial standards in effect? Why was this story allowed to be posted in the first place?

For an organisation that preaches inclusivity for all and accessibility for all, this is just one more slap in the face from the BBC who will no doubt just take down the story and pretend like it didn’t really happen. We’ll it did, and I have the proof.

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This is the headline in question from the BBC Mobile website last night:

Screen Capture of headline about Mental Health Patients Hilling 110 people in 9 years

From the BBC London Sub Webpage October 7th 2013

Safety Net

I volunteer with Rethink. I have for the past few months been working with the local users forum to put together their quarterly newsletter, and I have loved the writing aspects to it and have loved being able to get stuck in and research different aspects of Mental Health from a local point of view and having an organisation to hang a banner for my writing from.  I haven’t had to rely on my own point of view to hide behind, I have learnt so much about writing for an audience that isn’t generally my own. Continue reading

Benefits Change Everything

Yesterday was a big day for people who claim ESA (Employment Support Allowance). There was big debate in the House Of Commons about upcoming changes to the way the people who are claiming the benefit are tested. For more information about the changes read the (as always) excellent Diary Of A Benefit Scrounger . Sue Marsh lays out the changes and explains why the changes are going to be so devastatingly bad for disabled people.

Last year I made a promise that I was going to become more active in a more political way. At that time I was in a pretty good place and my benefit claim had been settled and I was ready to take the fight head on. I wanted to try and make a difference. I didn’t exactly achieve my goal but I was more active last year that I had been before.

Fast forward to the start of the Autumn last year and disabled politics took over the headlines again and things started to ramp up again. I started takiing more interest and I retweeted tweets and I read and commented on blog posts. Looking back it was a fairly lame attempt at getting involved. I knew the issues and I gave them a passing glance. As the year came to a close my health was taking a turn for the worse and I started to close down again. Weeks went by when I didn’t even open my Twitter clients and when I did I would usually just skip over the majority of tweets that had accumalated between my visits and maybe keep up for an hour or two and then I’d leave again for however long it was until I got curious again.

Now the debate rages again. Changes are afoot and I find myself getting those same pangs in my gut that I got when the talk of changing from Incapacity Benefit to ESA. It’s a messed up situation. DLA is being scrapped in favour of Personal Indipendance Payments and Work Capability Assessments are being reviewed and things are starting to worry me again.

Money is tight at the moment for everyone. At home here it’s crazy, I don’t think we (as a family) have been this broke. I don’t say this for pity or anything like that. This is just a plain fact. Circumstances are such here that Linda’s benefit is lumped with my benefit and she has just been sent the forms to fill out for a reassessment by ATOS. I am unsure what they are going to reassess her for as she has been told that she is no longer eligeble for benefits as she had claimed for over a year, hence why I am claiming for her on my claim. It’s a screwed up situation and to be honest it has added to my stress levels.

I read around on Wednesday about the upcoming debate yesterday and I got lost in my head about what “could be” and “what will be” and it scared the living crap out of me. I lost my internal shit and realised that I really was spiralling back into that place that put my Mental Health in a shocking state when I was being changed over. I have had to step back. I am making the choice not to get into the state I got into last time. I feel I am moving forward in making steps to get me out of the mire that has built up around me and my family for the past 8 or so years. I can’t afford anything to derail this plan.

To those brave campaigners, you have my full support but for now, it has to be silent support.

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Boys and Girls Come Out To Play

Over the past week or so there have been a couple of blog posts regarding Men and Feminism. The ball was kicked off by Zarathustra from The Not So Big Society in his article “Should Men Embrace Feminism” and then a couple of days later Mark Brown from One In Four continued his great Q&A session series at This World of Mentalists “5 – Feminism and Men”.

(Jesus how many links can I fit in one small paragraph.. no more .. I hope)

Anywho, this got me to thinking about my attitudes towards the subject. I tried to think how my actions over my life might have formed my almost mid life choices and opinions on the Women and Feminism. It got to the point where I realised that, I have never and could never see myself classing myself as a Feminist.

I was bought up by a very strong woman. I was bought up to have respect for others, not just for my elders and “betters” but for others. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t just go around throwing respect at every Tom, Dick and Harriet. For the most part, if you show me respect then you are going to get it back from me.

As I grew up and started to develop my own views on things through my teenage years I learnt what it was to have to earn respect and to expect to have the same in return, but not once did the other persons gender come into the equation. Everyone got that first “Fair Shake of The Stick.” I had my fingers burnt over the years by people who saw this basic view of life and thought they could take advantage and it’s only in my later years that I can look back and see that, at times, I was taken advantage of big time. My friendships were often based an very lopsided footings. My being the fat spotty kid I took friendships where ever I could get them and that led to some toxic relationships. I have, thankfully, moved on from that mindset these days and realise that “I” am the one who sets out what I want from a personal relationship with someone else.

Through all of this self discovery and realisations of who I am and the articles I have read By Zarathustra and Mark Brown I now know how to describe my philosophy regarding the opposite sex (and I believe this equates to both Men and Women EQUALLY)…

Just Don’t Be A Dick.

See it’s that simple. Treat the person your facing how you would want to be treated. You have probably heard the saying “Do Unto Other As You Would Have Others Do Unto You” (Wiki on The Golden Rule – An interesting read).

I purposely haven’t gone into the side of Feminism/and the Male equivalent that seems to me to be akin to a Fundamentalist Religion. That, to me, is just like politics and that is a place I have no skill or desire to get into.

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