Last Night And Sore Feet

I have a few articles that need to be written up so expect a flurry of crap in your readers over the next few days.

Last night I went out for a night out with my brother and a good friend. Nik had been bought a ticket to see his favourite band Alter Bridge by his wife and two kids for Fathers day earlier this year. Time went by and it slowly dawned on Nik that he would look like a billy no mates going by himself so it was decided that I would go with him. Money was scrapped together and a ticket was bought. Continue reading

Castle In A Cloud

Well I said I had some big news. If you follow me on Facebook you may already know the news but for those with the taste not to follow me anywhere, the news is… That I am moving to Kent in the next month. While we were on holiday we went house hunting just to find the lay of the land so to speak and we kind of got carried away and ended up signing the papers to tale on the house from the first of December. Obviously we won’t move in on the 1st but we are aiming for sometime between the 11th and the 16th. Things are moving pretty fast and to be honest it’s getting a bit to much.

Last Thursday I went to see my Psychiatrist for the last time before the move and he did what I hoped he would do. He increased my Quietapine to 200mgs at night. He also reduced my Depakote down to 1000mg a day. It’s just a shame that we won’t be able to complete my drug reductions together. I am going to have to get used to a new doctor and a new way of looking at my drugs. My psychiatrist knew that changing a med causes me problems he took that into account whenever he changed anything. I guess he saw my sensitive side :o)

So dealing with a medication change and all this last minute changes in home status is causing some rather weird side effects. The increase in Quietapine is making me sleep more than I have in ages. I am writing this now and I feel like I could just go to bed and sleep till lunchtime tomorrow. I swear the only two things that are keeping me awake is listening to Les Miserable and the coffee I am about to make myself.

<twenty minutes later>

God that coffee tastes good. Anyway where was I, side effects. Sleep way to much, general lethargy. Basically every side effect that precludes me from packing the house up is hitting me all at once. It’s not making me popular I know that much. People are tolerating me now but I can’t keep letting it get on top of me.

<Fast Forward 76 Hours>

Please don’t ask where the last 3 and a bit days went… needless to say I was awake at 4am this morning wide awake and fully rested. I think I may have slept to much. The only downside of being awake this early is that it is way to early to put the heating on. If we put th heating on this early everyone wakes up like they have been sleeping in the Congo. So we wait till everyone is up to kick the heat on.. I am only typing this to keep my pinkies warm ya know.

Looking over my Twitter feed I see a lot of people talking about Black Friday in the States. Bloody stupid idea if you ask me. Get up at silly o clock in the middle of November and go stand outside an electrics store for the slimmest hope that there will actually be a sale item left after the shop assistants have rummaged their way through all the good stuff. I am glad that we on the civilised side of the world don’t partake in that kind of silliness. We’d never do something that insane would we…. Oh be quiet not everyone chases a cheese down a hill for fun.

As I said I have been up since 4am and I have been listening to Ministry of Sounds Anthems Electronic 80’s Compilation. It’s quite good some stuff I know I have heard before.. I had to have.. we listened to Radio 1 before school in the 80’s and this is pretty much all well known stuff from back then(I think) but there are some great tunes that aren’t dropping the penny when they start. I have added this one and the second in the set to my iPhone so when I am out you may see a Short Fat Hairy legged bloke body popping to himself. If you do don’t call the crisis team or an ambulance, it’ll just be me listening to my youth passing me by for the second time.

Oh yeah seeing as it’s been three day since I started this post I have to mention that we are up to our arses in packing boxes and bubble wrap. The weird thing is though, it doesn’t seem to me as though we have made any headway into the packing. I am hoping that it will all come together all at once like all hard things. We’ll see. But one thing I do see in my future is a hell of a lot of Late Nights coming up to get all this done in time.

Right time to quit procrastinating and get something constructive done….. MORE COFFEE!!!

Until Next Time…

Oh Yeah Have some West End goodness…

Doctor Who and an 8 year old Newbie.

Today was a landmark day in my nephews upbringing. Today I introduced him to Tom Bakers Doctor Who. I think he was suitably impressed by what he saw.

When I decided to bring down a couple of the classic series to show him I thought I would start him off with something that he would recognise from the Nu Who that his Dad and he have been watching. So I chose Bakers 1979 Destiny Of The Daleks and Colin Bakers Attack Of The Cybermen. He chose which we watched first and so we kicked back and started the dvd up. It was fun for me watching him watch the episodic version of Doctor Who. He has only ever been used to the short sharp shock of 42 minute Who episodes so I was a little nervous at how he would stand up to watching for close to 2 hours worth of episodes.

To my suprise he handled it quite well… soon getting engrosed in the action and not too talkative after the first twenty minutes or so. Attack of the Cybermen should be fun as they haven’t appeared half as much in Nu Who but he still recognised them ( I have just been reliably informed that he knows this because his comic – Doctor Who Adventures – Tells him which Cyberman goes with which Doctor.)

It’s all in my evil plan to have the boy pestering his father for Doctor Who DVD’s for Christmas and Birthdays and Just because there is a Y in the day of the week. Oh yes my pretties it shall happen MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Until Next Time…

The Big ‘Orra

It had to hit eventually, the thing I probably hate most about being a blogger. I ran out of shit to talk about and I got myself all worked up and when I thought I had something to write I couldn’t get the words out. Writers Block I suppose you’d call it. I am sat here now at nearly 2am on Monday morning just sitting here and blurbing out whatever comes to mind… Nothing new there then.

I have been mostly depressed for the past few weeks. I have been sleeping a lot, staying up late talking to friends on Instant Messenger services, drinking more coffee than is probably good for me and generally NOT taking care of myself. I have mentally let myself go, and the results aint pretty. The rabid voices I was hearing daily have no regressed back to every other day. I have given up on contacting my CMHT because they basically said last time there was very little they could do for me and just to take two weeks worth of Lorazapam. It didn’t help much seeing as I was taking extra Lorazapam for about a month before hand. I see my Pdoc again on the 18th (I think) and I will bring it up then and see what he says. I feel something has to be done or else what’s the point in taking drugs that aren’t doing the full job. Now, don’t get me wrong… I take the pills because for the most part they work, they just aren’t doing the full job… a change needs to be made. I would hate to think how bad I would be without the drugs. I know my family would end up abandoning me.

I haven’t been to my relaxation group for a couple of weeks… one week because I hadn’t slept for 36 hours and was afraid I wouldn’t make it through the hour long session without going comatose and last week it was cancelled due to a birthday. I missed it and have been listening to the music the facilitator uses during each meeting.

Here is a little acting lesson for you. Way back at the beginning of the 20th century there was this Russian dude called Stanislavsky who thought that the then modern staged theatre very stayed and blocky so he developed a set of excersizes that would aid an actor reach a more truthful portrayal of a character. Most people now now this as THE METHOD, as in Method Acting like Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. One of the most famous excersizes that came from the Method is called Emotional Memory. EM is where you take a thought which gave you a certain feeling and recall that moment and thus that feeling when portraying it in character. I hated doing this when I was an actor because it invariably wipes you out emotionally for ages after and I found it hard to break character anyway so having all this added emotional bullshit going on was a pain in the arse.

This explanation is just to tell you that the music that is played during the relaxation group meeting has become so associated with relaxing for me that usually all it takes is 5 or 10 minute listening to that and the edge has been taken off what ever stress is bugging me, that in and of itself has made sitting through the hour long navel gazing groups worthwhile. I say navel gazing, I don’t mean that as a bad thing. I really enjoy the groups but it does feel a little self indulgent that I get to take that time out each week and be selfish and just relax.

On that last note of old twaddle I will leave you with these two rather funny videos starring Punt and Dennis.

World Of Wine Part 1

World Of Wine Part 2

Until Next Time…

Doctor Who 2010

(NB: This article was originally begun around the third week of April and was put on hold for various reason until now)

I haven’t given my Whovian view of the new series of Doctor Who yet, so I thought I would try and put down in words how I feel about the new era.

To preface what I am about to write in full disclosure I am a die hard Doctor Who fan who has very little bad to say about the show. I don’t critique negatively very often. Something has to really nark me to get me to write something bad… which is probably why my attempts at starting a review website over and again. To further get the facts straight I kinda liked Love and Monsters from series 2 not so much the bits with Peter Kay (the man gets on my nerves sometimes and that was one time he didn’t fit the role). Girl in the Fireplace is my all time favourite episode. I must have seen in 10 times in various places the most exotic being 33,000 feet over the Atlantic ocean flying back from the USA. So, on to my take of of Doctor Who Series 5.

It was with trepidation that I waved goodbye to David Tennant and good old Russell T Davies at the end of the year long set of 5 specials. The End of Time two parter was a great exit and I got a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye when Doc 10 said “…But I don’t want to go”. To see that moment of abject fear and distress manifest into a kinetic ball of lanky knee kissing foppish haired Matt Smith was a bit of a culture shock. We had seen the zany madcap timey wimey David Tennant, but this was taken to a whole new level.

The regeneration was pretty spectacular with everything crumbling and exploding around the Doctor. The TARDIS going down in flames as it were. Things were changing in front of us and it only took one word for the change to be sealed and clarified “GERONIMOOOOO”. Our seatbelt were buckled tight and we were in for one hell of a ride… and then it all ended… 4 months to wait till we would get any kind of pay off for all that angst we had been through for the past two hours and then for our hearts pounding again, the “series” was over and now the real fan boy and fan girl speculation could really begin.

There had been some leaked photos before Christmas but I had tried to avoid them but in the Online Doctor Who community you can go to virtually any website and have whole episodes spoiled for you without even looking. I hate spoilers, they well they spoil things for you and who likes to have things spoiled. So my Winter Doctor Who browsing was limited to places I could pretty much chance it and not get spoiled (AKA not much choice).

Once the show finally began airing again I was well up for it. But as per usual something would get in the way. I think Doctor Who should be a family experience where everyone sits down and pays attention and experiences it all at the same time and then afterwards talk about it. Now this is all well and good when your whole family are at home at 6.15 to watch the show but when mean arsed bosses at the local supermarket where my loving wife works insist on her working till 7pm for 3 of the past 4 weeks it’s pretty difficult to achieve that. So my anticipation was stretched to the finest gnats pubic hair you could possibly imagine. When she did get home at about 8pm we sat down and we took in the first episode the 11th Hour.

Doctor Who and Amelia Pond

As far as introduction stories go it was great. It ticked all the right boxes. It introduced the new Doctor as a nutty professor type chap. His struggles to keep his old jalopy of a TARDIS working just long enough to stop her from blowing up all together and ripping a rift in the time space continuum. It gave us a new companion in Amy Pond who was planning on taking a trip in the TARDIS aged 8 but things don’t quite go to plan. We meet up with an older more mature Amy later on in the episode who has now had 12 years of waiting and visiting Therapists to get her over her Spaceman fixation…(something I don’t think she ever got over). We got a whole new speices of Villain “The Atraxi” who kind of reminded me of malevolent Vogons from Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, just doing their jobs and on to the next one.

I won’t go into the stories because I don’t want to spoil to much for you if you haven’t already seen the shows in question. But at some point I will come back and give proper reviews for all of the shows in turn… maybe when the DVD box set comes out I’ll pick out odd episodes and give them the once over.

(edit – added on the 12th May)

It’s been a few weeks now and things are starting to look up. The first two parter with River Song back in the mix with the Weeping Angels was a slight turn to form and showed that Moffett still hasn’t lost his touch. The latest episode The Vampires of Venice was a true classic for me. It had everything a classic Doctor who episode should have and it was the first time in the first half of Series 5 that I have not felt that something was lacking. The only thing (and it is a small thing) that bothered me was how confusing Saturdays episode looks. I was confused by the trailer so god knows what will happen throughout the show itself.

Doctor Who is back and it’s good to have him back but we need just a little more consistency from the writing and we’ll be just tickety boo.

Until Next Time…

My Secrets Laid Bare

It’s been a funny couple of weeks. Life had been a swing and a roundabout away from being liveable. I haven’t had to many down periods but then again I haven’t had that many up periods either. Just fleeting glances at happiness, or deep looks into an abyss that has no bottom.
What makes it even stranger is that I have NOTHING whatsoever to complain about. We are doing fairly well financially at the moment I just got a new iPhone and all our bills are paid, we have plenty of food in the kitchen so why don’t I feel contented. What’s missing from my life that I can’t just be happy and get on with my life.

It’s been about 18 months since I “gave up” work. If you don’t remember I was let go from my job because they could no longer support my absences from work. It was all done quite amicably and in the best of humours, but 18 months on I seem to feel at a loss at what to do. I occasionally wish I had worked harder at keeping myself well enough to keep a hold of that job. If I could have sucked it up for half the time I caved in to my depression, I may still be employed and getting a salary that would keep me out of the Benefits system. I don’t have any objections to being on Incapacity Benefit. Of course I would rather be earning a living rather than just getting by on what the government says I need to live on, but I guess that’s not going to happen until I get my life sorted and can keep my head out of my ass for longer than a weekend.

As I mentioned in my last post. I am on Facebook, I don’t contribute to much. I just use it to keep track of what the world is doing around me. I am an observer and not a participator. I sometimes wish that I had more to say about my life in general but I am sure no one wants to hear daily updates of my life:

12:30 – Had a banana for breakfast.

12:45 – Had to eat something else as the banana wasn’t enough

14:30 – Just got back from counselling session – More depressed now than when I went.

15:40 – Had a muffin as the Something else had worn off

You know you get the drift, my life aint that interesting. (That’s probably why I get no readers here).I sometimes think I should just make shit up to put in this blog, just to keep it interesting. I should become a Walter Mitty or a Billy Liar. My fantasy life is much more interesting than reality. But I don’t want to disillusion myself that any form of my fantasy life could ever become a reality so putting it down in black and white is just tempting fate for another depressive phase. But to that end I have started writing a short story. Well it’s planned to be a short story, I am not the most succinct writer in the world and my editing skills are poor to say the least. I just start writing and let it go until I run out of things to say. See, I am giving all my secrets away. I just told you that I put no planning into writing and my only saviour is the wavy red lines under misspelt words that my word processing prog catches… me and my big mouth.

Jumping to a totally different tack now. This past Saturday saw the return of Doctor Who. The New series heralded a new Doctor and a new Companion. Matt Smith as the new Doctor is great.. mad as a box of demented frogs and his sidekick Karen Gillan as Amy Pond is just great. If you went by looks alone you could swear she had a touch of bipolar as in the series opener she was either in a Tarty Police woman’s outfit or in her nightie and dressing gown. I know it’s a generalisation but that’s how I am. I am either in my skimpiest outfit or in my Batman Pyjamas.
The new titles and opening music are going to take a couple of watches to get used to after in not really changing for the past 5 years, but all change is good. The atmosphere of the episode not being London centric and based in a little village almost harkens back to classic who stories where it was an almost nondescript location.
All In all I loved the new series and by the looks of the trailer for the rest of the series to come, it looks like we are on to a winner and the next 12 weeks will most likely be a banner period for Doctor Who as it goes from strength to strength. Saturdays are worth looking forward to again.

Well that’s about it from me… I ran out of things to say for now. So…

Until Next Time…