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Man with mental health problems does bugger all wrong


In what will shock the wider reading audience, it was revealed today that there was a man with mental health issues who did not kill or hurt any one today.

It appears that this is not an isolated case as it is strongly rumoured that one in four people in the U.K. has some kind of mental health problem or will have in their life time.

Could it be that the press has an agenda that is being spurred on by some kind of right wing policy that is designed to sway the public against the vocal minority who caused a massive scene recently over the ASDA Halloween costume fiasco? Could it be that there is some kind of pressure being placed on the media to demonise the mentally interesting so as to discredit the anti-stigma process?

It’s one thing for The Sun or The Daily Mail to unleash their bile on a section of society that has little chance to defend themselves and has no trouble in promoting negative stereotypes, but when the story is on the BBC News website I find it almost amazing and am left in disbelief that this can happen. Where are the ethical editorial standards in effect? Why was this story allowed to be posted in the first place?

For an organisation that preaches inclusivity for all and accessibility for all, this is just one more slap in the face from the BBC who will no doubt just take down the story and pretend like it didn’t really happen. We’ll it did, and I have the proof.

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This is the headline in question from the BBC Mobile website last night:

Screen Capture of headline about Mental Health Patients Hilling 110 people in 9 years

From the BBC London Sub Webpage October 7th 2013

Better Heathcare Through Bribery

I know it’s been a while but I wanted to keep my head down for a while and it turned into an absence that I didn’t expect to last quite so long. There are numerous reason why I would want to take a break but there are two that stick in my mind and are most prevalent to why I am back writing now. Continue reading


I had a CPA meeting last week. It was a surprise to me as I didn’t even know one was due, and as I found out neither did my CPN. How we laughed.

Now I am just about getting used to the set up where CPA reviews are concerned I sit there for 30 minutes answering every question trying to be as amiable as possible and give them all of the information they ask for. With the exception of the issue over my diagnosis evolving (see here and here) I pretty much go with the flow and try not to stress out much about these things. Well the diagnosis issue came up again in this meeting. Seeing as I have taken part in the Recovery group and the Creative Arts group they want to move me on to the next step (the name escapes for the moment). Continue reading

Time Confusion

I hate today. I spend the whole day thinking it’s a different time to that which it really is.

You see the clocks went forward today and I spend the whole day every year thinking:
“Oh It’s 3pm… but really it’s only 2pm… but it’s really 3pm”
And by the time I have my head around it being 3pm it’s actually 4pm and I think it’s actually only 3pm. It’s a vicious fucking circle that will take days to break.

In other news after 8 weeks off work I am going back to work tomorrow. New hours and new desk (no doubt). I should say that I was only off sick for three weeks… but I had to wait for clearance from all kinds of doctors to let me go back to work. Basically it took almost double the time to get back to work than I was actually off sick. Go figure eh!!!!

Oh well off to iron my trousers for work tomorrow.

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