Getting Nuked

Yesterday was a first.

When I saw my Consultant way back in the early Summer she mentioned that she would like to get a C.T. scan done to see if there were any “organic” reasons as to why I was hearing voices and having “pseudo” visual hallucinations. I agreed to this as I wanted to rule out everything possible for the things that had been going on for years. My old team up north had never broached anything like this so this just further suggested to me that I was getting a wholly different kind of treatment down here. Continue reading

Last Night And Sore Feet

I have a few articles that need to be written up so expect a flurry of crap in your readers over the next few days.

Last night I went out for a night out with my brother and a good friend. Nik had been bought a ticket to see his favourite band Alter Bridge by his wife and two kids for Fathers day earlier this year. Time went by and it slowly dawned on Nik that he would look like a billy no mates going by himself so it was decided that I would go with him. Money was scrapped together and a ticket was bought. Continue reading

Shadow Of My Former Self

Over the past year or so I have been losing weight naturally.. well I say naturally.. it’s partially chemically enhanced. About 2 years ago I was prescribed a new Diabetes drug. One of the “side effects” is that it helps promote weight loss. It does this by making you fuller quicker when you eat. Well that works to an extent. It didn’t do much in the first 9 to 12 months and I got very disheartened by it all and considered stopping taking the drug and go back to just taking Metformin. I was persuaded to keep gong and give it some more time. Well, another year on and I made a few alterations to the way I deal with my Diabetes.

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Waiting For England

Here I am at almost 4.30 on a Sunday morning waiting for the England Vs Georgia Rugby World Cup fixture to start at 7am. I am just hoping that it is better than last weeks game.. especially as I am staying up all night to see it. Last weeks game was just a clusterfuck. The worlds greatest Kicker EVER couldn’t find his way between the sticks and it made the game far closer than it should have been. The only saving grace is that the Argentine kicker was just as oblivious as well.

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