Site News

I thought it might be a good idea to keep an informal run down of what happens behind the scenes of It’s Just A Ride. This is mostly for me to keep a record of when things change, but it could also be handy for the reader to know when something changed and why something doesn’t work or works in a different way than it appears it should.

The big problems is that I am starting this 4 years in and although my memory is getting better not even I could go back that far and remember. When I have more time to devote to the issue I will go back through the archives and see if I can glean any further information.

So off we go.

September 1st 

Started the process of redesigning the look of the website. Went through several themes in the Theme Archive at Finally settled on Twenty Eleven, this is the default theme that comes with WordPress as standard this year. It is easy to customise and allows me some flexibility to make odd cosmetic changes.

I have added a new header to the theme even though the basic header graphics are very nice, I wanted to have something graphic that came from me. The image I chose was the Picture I took of myself using the Hipstamatic iPhone app using the special limited offer Dali pac.

During the redesign phase I decided to add some Gallery software to IJAR to improve the look of the blog when doing a gallery post (Shots for the Day.) I tested a few plugins. Most were to heavy and hard to configure for the basic needs I had. I finally settled on Simple Lightbox. It goes with the WordPress Media Gallery seamlessly and it does exactly what I wanted this plugin to do. The only problems is that it doesn’t scale the images to the theme or monitor size so I am left with 4 years worth of photos that when ever they are clicked on they are going to blow up to fill the screen and probably stretch to all points west.

Any images that are clickable PRIOR to 16th September 2011 will not display correctly until the foreseeable future. This will be remedied as a priority.

September 16th

New design went live with a new post.

October 26th

Added an About Me page. More general information about me. Not so much to do with BP.
Have changed the Theme from Twenty-Eleven to Graphine . It’s taken quite a bit of today to get this done but I am happy now open it up.

December 18th

I have decided to close comments on posts older than 28 days. I am sick and tired of having to clear out 40 spam messages a day from older articles. If you have a comment about an older article then please use the contact form.

January 6th 2012

I have been award two Blog Awards by the lovely Shauna from Bipolar2Happiness. I have created a page for the awards. They can be found here – Blog Awards page

April 9th 2012

New design/theme went live. For more info see here or here.

I have also decided that I am going to reopen the comments on older posts. I read an article about closing comments on old posts and how it cuts off an easy stream of possible conversation with your reader and that’s a bad thing.. hadn’t thought of it like that really, but it does make sense. So as of now.. all posts will be commentable again.