Post 99

This the magic 99th post on this blog. I have wittered on left, right and centre about my mental health and the state of the world (both equally fucked up I might add.) I don’t have anything earth shatteringly important to write. I am just waiting for the newly introduced and recently increased dose of Quetiapine to kick in some so I can sleep and not have to take a Zopiclone at the same time because god knows I am zombie like enough during the day without adding any more shit to the mix.

So, yeah. I saw my nice Pdoc last Wednesday, It was a major effort to get out of the house but I did it because I don’t want to be stuck here forever. I explained to him that the screaming voices had pretty much calmed down for the most part but I do still get the odd episode which is most disconcerting. I then went on to tell him about the world and it’s mother being out to get me. I told him how I had retreated from the on-line world I used to love so much. I now just feel like it’s another way for the MAN to spy on me. I have put out innocuous teasers like the odd video from You Tube on Facebook and I tweeted my entry in @kazcita very special #cockoff contest that runs for the duration of The X Factor. Basically she chooses two different celebs on a Saturday Lunchtime and then you tweet back your vote for the biggest Cock of the pair and the one with the most votes goes through to the next round.

I am sat here just going back through this post correcting the twenty or so supposed spelling mistakes with the Firefox dictionary tool and it really did occur to me that I am stupid in thinking that anything I do will stop people from finding me out. I doomed anyway I turn. This blog is hardly anonymous and is ranked up there when you Google my name you can find me any number of ways. I still post here just so anyone who is interested knows I am still alive and am not curled up in the foetal position under the table in the kitchen hiding from the little green men that are coming to get me.

I should be proud of myself I ran from my front door to the end of the street to the post box today unaccompanied. I was positive that all the cars parked were full of people watching me and when one guy pulled into the street and parked right in front of the postbox as I was posting my letters was a Government inspector come to catch me out for something. “Big Brother IS Watching”

On that rather sinister note I leave you as it’s now 3am and I really must try and get some sleep so I can feel crappy tomorrow… I really am enjoying life at the moment…. honestly

Until Next Time…