I must remember that when I travel on a train that we should bring about half the amount of luggage that we have this time.

It’s been an OK journey so far. It will be a whole different story at our destination as there is no lift to get over the walk way. This ultimately means I have to physically hand ball a heavy ass suitcase and a hold all. This normally wouldn’t worry me but I have to do it at half speed as mum hasn’t had any O2 today and it’s starting to take it’s toll.

It’s all good fun until someone gets a lung coughed up. Then it’s Everyman for themselves.

I tell you what has pissed me off this trip is that I have had very little cellular signal all the way down. Including insurance I pay close to £50 a month on my package. I damn well expect more for my moolah. Having just said that I have bad an bloody good signal coming through my old stomping grounds and if I could be arsed to turn my 3G back on I would probably be able to post this from the train. You watch as soon as I do it will all fucking die again. Oh the joys o a tech head.

It is probably going to do me some good to be away from a PC for a couple of weeks. I have been most unproductive over the past month. Stumpfinger went two weeks without a post and then it only got one because I was up at 3am and was in the mood for boobs and blood (I watched Piranha 3D… And bloody booby good it was too.)

So that’s about it for now I am going to try and post this from the iPhone, on a train, just outside Strood in Kent.

Until next time…

Edit: Stupid iPhone wouldn’t add this blog to the WordPress App so I had to wait till now (after 10pm) to post this from my brothers desktop… will play with the App again tomorrow as I feel there is going to be much traveling over the next couple of weeks.

(really this time) Until Next Time…

Sunday Sunday

Here’s the dealio daddio. I have been up since 5.30am (that’s with taking Zopiclone at 1am). It’s now 18.45 and I haven’t slept yet. Feeling a bot weary with it all and just wondering why I decided to wash all the bed linen in one go. I am sure that brain fart was waiting to happen. I am surviving on caffeine.. both Coke Zero and coffee have been my constant companion all day.

My Moods are still raging and they have been for the past two weeks, it’s just that the Promazine knocked me on my ass for the past 12 days that I haven’t been able to sit and focus and write anything. Now I start I am unsure where this post will go. It could end here….

Anyway it’s been a bit of a weird one. Linda had the day off, which for a Sunday is strange as she usually has to work and the only time she gets a Sunday off is if she is sick or she books it as a holiday… to make things even weirder, she has next Sunday off too. Will wonders never cease. I haven’t known what to do with myself all day. Well I had a few ideas but none clean enough for mixed company. Usually I would have been listening to music all day but with her being here I haven’t had any on since everyone got up at around 8.30 this morning. I was having a quite nice Gary Numan morning up to then and from there it kinda went screwy and the TV took over and Gary kinda went out of the window.

Back to the mood thing for a moment, I am going to call the CMHT tomorrow to try and get to see my Pdoc for another go at finding a way around this raging rage I have been going through. It’s like I have the hormones of a 16 year old with bad acne. I know what a 16 year old with bad acne feels like… I was one for a whole year. It’s bad enough that I am still getting these raging mood swings but the Promazine made me dopey as all hell and I spent the best part of the past two weeks asleep. It’s not as if it’s been very satisfying sleep either.. it’s been sporadic and broken… hour long naps punctuated by hour long stoopers. I am just hoping that the Pdoc can give me some other “therapy” that will alleviate these swings that I am feeling.

I haven’t been to a group in two weeks. I haven’t trusted my judgement to go and interact with people and not rip their heads off if they say the slightest thing wrong. I haven’t phoned them either so I need to make that grovelling phone call tomorrow too to make sure they don’t think I have lost interest in being part of the groups. I think it may be to late for this round of groups to get back into it, I don’t think it’s fair to be a fair weather group member. Everyone else moves on with the group interactions and then I turn up and try and slot back in as if nothing ever happened. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that if I was in that position. So I shall see if they can keep me informed of any future groups that happen and just generally feel out the situation when I speak to the care workers there.

I have restarted rebuilding my original blog again. Nik and I spent an enjoyable couple of hours transferring back to it’s top level tld and off it’s sub domain. It wasn’t as hard as it could have been. The hardest part was going through and re-altering all the image links I had spent two hours doing up the week before when I originally had the idea to start the blog again. After a few initial problems with Barrack Obama it all went smoothly. I just have to make a firm plan of where I want to take that blog so as it doesn’t detract from this one. Before it was a catch-all blog that my everyday life went into. Now I have to separate my Bipolar postings and my every day postings between the two. It’s going to be fin to have another place to write and splurge my bullshit. I still have plans for a Cult/Horror blog called Stumpfinger. I have the domain and the hosting space all taken care of. Nik was talking about using a different content management system for it, but when he’ll have the time to build it is anybodies guess. I am kind of in love with WordPress. It’s what I know and I know it pretty well. I just don’t know how it all TECHNICALLY works, all i know is that it does what it says on the tin.

I guess I have spilled over and blurred the lines of what should go on what blog but my fingers just started running and BAM here I am at almost 900 words and I am no nearer working out where the post should go… so I am going to put a cap on it and say…

Until Next Time…